Bella d'Abrera

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Universities always said we were racists, now look at their dilemma

Our universities have long ceased being institutions interested in the rigorous exercise of freedom or the scientific method and today better resemble elaborate public relations outfits, writes Bella d'Abrera.

The humanities in crisis: an audit of taxpayer-funded ARC grants

This report is an examination of the taxpayer-funded Australian Research Council (ARC) humanities grants which have been awarded to Australian universities since 2002. The report argues that universities are fixated on class, race and gender, and outlines just how much money Australians are paying for...

Australian history’s last stand: an audit of Australian history teaching at universities

This report examines the way in which the history of Australia is currently being taught in Australian universities. It is based on a systematic review of all 147 Australian history subjects taught in 2018 at the 35 Australian universities that offer programs of study in...

The rise of identity politics: an audit of history teaching at Australian universities in 2017

This report outlines a systematic review of all 746 history undergraduate courses taught in 2017 at the 35 Australian universities which offer history as a program of study.