Frank Morgan


Schizophrenia and offending: area of residence and the impact of social disorganisation and urbanicity

It is well-documented that crime rates and the prevalence of mental illness are both higher in areas with pronounced levels of social disorganisation. Far less is known about the association of disadvantaged community conditions with criminal behaviour and mental illness. This study aimed to identify...
Journal article

Assessing relative rates of Indigenous family violence: using existing quantitative data and a triangulation methodology to identify rural areas in greatest need of additional legal services

A research team completed an exercise to estimate relative rates of Indigenous Family Violence (IFV) which was conducted over a seven-week period at the end of 2004, undertaken for the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department on a national scale and utilised only quantitative information along with...

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon...: some questions of media policy

Frank Morgan responds to a recent speech by Senator Helen Coonan, Federal Minister for Communications, on proposals to change Australia's media ownership laws. He discusses how new technology has changed the way we receive and digest news and information.