Jerome Davidson


Medibank Private sale bill 2006

In April this year the Commonwealth Government announced its intention to sell Medibank Private, the health fund that has been government-controlled since its inception in 1976. Following public debate over the sale the government announced that the sale would not occur before 2008, but that...

The proposed sale of Medibank Private: historical, legal and policy perspectives

The privatisation of Medibank Private, Australia’s largest and only national private health insurer, has been discussed frequently since not long after the fund was established by the Fraser government in 1976. The latest debate commenced in April 2006, when the government announced its intention to...

Anti-Terrorism Bill (No 2) 2005

This updated Parliamentary Library Bills Digest summarises the main provisions of the government’s legislation and point to a number of concerns about the content of the bill.

In the shadow of the corporate veil: James Hardie and asbestos compensation

Significant fallout is likely from the NSW inquiry into the treatment of Australian asbestos victims by James Hardie Industries. Federal and State governments are already considering legislation to access James Hardie's overseas assets, and there are growing calls to 'lift the corporate veil' - fundamental...

Inside outcasts: prisoners and the right to vote in Australia

Should prisoners have the right to vote? This Current Issues Brief considers the arguments commonly used for and against the disenfranchisement of prisoners, both in Australia and internationally.