John Anderson

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Inland rail 2015: Melbourne to Brisbane inland rail

This report to the Australian Government sets out a strategic analysis of the need for Inland Rail as one potential solution to the future freight task along the Melbourne–Brisbane corridor and includes the main features of a business case for Inland Rail developed during 2014...

Final report of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act of Recognition Review Panel

Under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Act 2013 the Minister for Indigenous Affairs appointed a Review Panel on 27 March 2014. The panel was tasked with assessing levels of public awareness and support for amending the Constitution to recognise Indigenous peoples and...
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Re-embracing the bush

Address to the Sydney Institute, 17 November 1999, by the leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson - the plight of regional Australia - maintaining political stability and sound economicmanagement - providing opportunities for regional communities to develop - restoration of...
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Regional Australia: meeting the challenges

This ministerial statement, released alongside the 1999 Budget, summarised the then Government's approach to working with regional, rural and remote Australia.