Jane Hall

Journal article

How common is multiple general practice attendance in Australia?

This article finds that a significant proportion of general practice care is delivered away from usual practices, which may have implications for health policy, in terms of continuity and quality of primary care.

Designing the structure for Australia's health system

This paper provides background material on governance issues in the Australian health care system, an overview of health care financing issues in an international context, a summary of the discussions and views expressed at a recent Academy roundtable, and commentary on the recommendations of the...

Life, death, and dollars: does medicare need major surgery?

In Australia, health care spending accounts for more than 9% of GDP and is expected to rise. The health system is perceived as complex, uncoordinated, unwieldy and nonresponsive to individuals. An additional issue is that the health system is viewed as a drain on economic...

Paying for health care

It seems that the differences in health policy that have dominated the elections of the past 30 years have been resolved. Or have they? What is certain is that over time Australians will pay more their health care, writes Jane Hall.