Greg Combet


Interim emissions reduction targets for Victoria (2021-2030): final report

This report presents to the Victorian government recommendations for interim carbon emissions targets for 2021-2025 and 2026-2030, indicative trajectories to 2050, advice on opportunities to reduce Victoria’s emissions and the other evidence that was considered in arriving at the recommended targets.

The fifth estate: Greg Combet: unions, Labor and leadership

Join host Sally Warhaft for this Fifth Estate spotlight interview with Greg Combet, where they discuss the Australian labour movement, the state of our democracy and parliament, the future of the ALP and life after politics for a man many thought a good chance as...

A new Australian consensus for the 21st Century

In his speech for the Ninth Annual Hawke Lecutre, Greg Combet asks How can we, as Australians, create a democratic consensus around the issues which are important to our present and to our future? Although Australians differ amongst themselves over many issues, our national identity...