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Steven Schwartz


Degree inflation: undermining the value of higher education

The past twenty years have seen explosive growth in universities. At the same time, vocational education and training faced a tsunami of financial challenges and poorly-implemented policies. This paper seeks to uncover the causes of ‘degree inflation’ and what can be done about it.

Educating the nurse of the future

This report represents the outcome of the various consultations, debates, and discussions. It covers the educational preparation of nurses, as well as the factors that influence people to choose nursing as an occupation. The report also looks at how other countries view Australian nursing education.

Have we all gone mad? The snowflake epidemic

University campuses throughout the West are in the grip of a troubling social phenomenon, now in danger of spreading beyond the ivy walls. Teaching staff who speak out are being intimidated, silenced and vilified. Students who choose to think against the mainstream are harassed and...

What’s happened to the university?

Trigger warnings, cultural appropriation and safe spaces. Who decided to bestow guardian status to Australian universities? This publication looks at how we got here, where we are headed and what the alternative is to this new status quo.