Philippa Williams


Linked up lives

Suburbs are springing up to cope with a rapidly growing population, yet many families have little or no supporting public transport links to the CBD or across suburbs, lack employment opportunities to keep parents close to their children's schools, and have inadequate access to educational...
Conference paper

Building 'community' for different stages of life: physical and social infrastructure in master planned communities

The Work, Home and Community Study aims to explore these outcomes through analysis of qualitative and quantitative data gathered in ten communities across four Australian states. This paper reports findings from the first phase of qualitative data collection.

Work, life and time: the Australian work and life index 2007

The Work, Housing, Services and Community Project is a national study exploring how men, women and children think about issues related to work, home and community. In particular, it analyses how changes at work and in households are reconfiguring relationships between work, home, services and...