David Hetherington

David Hetherington is the Executive Director of the Public Education Foundation. He spent ten years as the founding Executive Director of the progressive think tank Per Capita, and has also worked at the UK’s Institute for Public Policy Research and with LEK Consulting in Sydney, Munich and Auckland.  David has authored over 100 reports, book chapters and opinion pieces on a wide range of economic and social policy issues. 

What price stability? Market design in the Australian banking sector

Few subjects in the public debate are more emotive than banking. Bankers’ actions, pay and profits have been ferociously dissected in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). In Australia, we were fortunate that our banking system and broader economy survived the crisis in...

After the party: how Australia spent its mining boom windfall

In the first decade of the century, Australia struck it lucky. A voracious global appetite for commodities meant that we could sell unimaginable quantities of our mineral resources at unimaginable prices. The result was a windfall to our public coffers of at least $180 billion...
Discussion paper

What price the gap? Education and inequality in Australia

It is widely understood that Australia’s school performance (as measured by international test scores) has been falling. What’s less understood is that this headline buries a stark, unpalatable fact: our international test results show that kids at the bottom of the performance distribution are falling...

The future of the fair go: securing shared prosperity for Australian workers

This report argues that the time for a reckoning is here. The government must intervene to secure the hard-fought-for right of Australian workers to receive a living wage in return for their labour.

Not so super, for women: superannuation and women’s retirement outcomes

This new research shows that women’s average superannuation balances at retirement are less than half of men’s.