Warwick Smith

Warwick Smith is Senior Economist at Per Capita. He has previously worked as a research economist, consultant and freelance writer. His particular areas of expertise include the economics of ageing populations, environmental, gender and taxation economics and the history and philosophy of economics.

Mineral wealth, Clive Palmer, and the corruption of Australian politics

Australia has a history of handing vast wealth to resource and mining magnates and companies and then watching them use that wealth to undermine our democracy, writes Warwick Smith.

Meet the taxpayers: comparing Labor and Coalition tax platforms

The very different approaches of the major parties to taxation present voters with the starkest choice on offer for decades. This report shows how different taxpayers would fare under the competing tax policies being taken to the 2019 federal election by Labor and the Coalition.

“Flexible ongoing” employment: solving a problem that doesn’t exist

This paper outlines the context within which the flexible ongoing proposal arose, the WorkPac vs. Skene decision, and the NSWBC’s concerns about “double dipping.” It then examines the nature of casual work in Australia and provides an analysis of how the proposed flexible ongoing category...

Per Capita tax survey 2018

Per Capita has released its 2018 Tax Survey, now in its eighth year. We all pay tax, but this is the only comprehensive, regular survey of Australians’ attitudes to taxation and public spending. It provides information about how we’re thinking now, and how our attitudes...

Working it out: employment services in Australia

This report paints a picture of unemployment and employment services in Australia in 2018. It is based on four complementary pieces of research that have been combined to present a full picture of the main employment service in Australia - jobactive.