Centre for Policy Development


Investing for Australia: clarifying climate risk expectations of the Future Fund

This report assesses Australia's Future Fund's climate risk management using publicly available information. It uses established tools and compares the Future Fund's climate risk approach to practices at other institutional investors, including other sovereign wealth funds.

Raising the bar: managing climate change risk in public authorities

This report recommends clear, transparent policy direction for public authority directors. This will hopefully enable public authorities to contribute to a whole-of-government picture of climate risk that meets and raises the standards that apply to all organisations, public and private, in discovering, disclosing and addressing...

Redefining progress: global lessons for an Australian approach to wellbeing

Looking at 21 global approaches to wellbeing over the past 50 years, this report identifies four key characteristics of advanced wellbeing approaches to guide an Australia’s wellbeing journey.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper for the Climate and Recovery Initiative ninth roundtable

This paper highlights areas of policy that will be relevant for addressing current and persistent challenges related to energy markets, climate change, economic policy and inflation.
Briefing paper

Starting now: the first steps to delivering the best early childhood system for Australia

This briefing paper sets out a roadmap to a universal, accessible and affordable early childhood system in Australia.