Toby Phillips


Making our way: adaptive capacity and climate transition in Australia’s regional economies

This report proposes a framework to identify priority areas for investment and policy action, based on the levels of adaptive capacity in fossil-fuel exposed areas of regional Australia.
Discussion paper

Understanding adaptive capacity: a tool for transition planning

This discussion paper, from the Centre for Policy Development’s sustainable economy program, follows previous reports on climate transition risks and challenges for local economies. The paper describes seven dimensions of economic resilience and proposes metrics to gauge them.

Raising the bar: managing climate change risk in public authorities

This report recommends clear, transparent policy direction for public authority directors. This will hopefully enable public authorities to contribute to a whole-of-government picture of climate risk that meets and raises the standards that apply to all organisations, public and private, in discovering, disclosing and addressing...

Redefining progress: global lessons for an Australian approach to wellbeing

Looking at 21 global approaches to wellbeing over the past 50 years, this report identifies four key characteristics of advanced wellbeing approaches to guide an Australia’s wellbeing journey.
Discussion paper

Who's buying? The impact of global decarbonisation on Australia’s regions

This report from the Centre For Policy Development’s sustainable economy initiative models the impact of global decarbonisation commitments on employment and output at a Local Government Area (LGA) level in Australia.