Tim Buckley

Briefing paper

Why renewables are the solution for Australia: the low-cost source of new electricity generation

This briefing note highlights recent technological advances that have made renewables one of the country’s fastest growing industries, and Australia a world leader in battery storage.

Over 100 global financial institutions are exiting coal, with more to come

Global capital is fleeing the thermal coal sector, according to this report which calculates that today, over 100 globally significant financial institutions have divested from thermal coal, including 40% of the top 40 global banks and 20 globally significant insurers.

China 2017 review: world’s second-biggest economy continues to drive global trends in energy investment

China continued to be a global leader of investment in clean energy projects in 2017, defying an overall slowdown in Chinese overseas investment as the country further positioned itself to dominate in new energy technologies.
Discussion paper

The end of coal: how should the next government respond?

Coal, for decades one of the “certainties” of Australian politics, is in terminal decline. This economic, environmental and geopolitical fact is now beyond dispute. Whoever wins the coming Federal Election will have no choice but to deal with the beginning of the end of coal...