Diane Smith

Policy report

Indigenous Australians and the COVID-19 crisis: perspectives on public policy

This resource is a compilation of eight short papers that have been written during the rapid escalation of the Australian response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building Indigenous community governance in Australia: preliminary research findings

This preliminary research report by Janet Hunt and Diane Smith is based on the first year of fieldwork conducted by the Indigenous Community Governance Project. The Project is exploring the nature of Indigenous community governance in diverse contexts and locations across Australia through a series...

Indicators of risk to the wellbeing of Australian Indigenous children

Anne Daly and Diane Smith use a range of indicators established in the literature to examine the risk of exclusion from mainstream Australian society for Indigenous Australian children. The results show that Indigenous children continue to be among the most socially disadvantaged in Australia, and...
Working paper

Researching Australian Indigenous governance

Diane Smith sets out the framework for the Indigenous Community Governance research project on Understanding, Building and Sustaining Effective Governance in Rural, Remote and Urban Indigenous Communities, and discusses issues inherent in participatory research, and the dissemination and application of research findings within Indigenous and...

Indigenous governance in the Northern Territory

Significant changes are being made to Indigenous affairs at national and regional levels, with the potential for dramatic realignments in inter-governmental relations and the funding of service delivery. Diane Smith identifies challenges facing Indigenous people and governments in reshaping Indigenous governance in the Territory, and...