Janeen Baxter

Working paper

Gender trap: the gender structure, violence, and women’s unfreedom

The aim of this research was to deepen our understanding of how gender-based violence functions as a mechanism of disadvantage in women’s lives. Through improving this understanding, the authors aim to help draw attention to key sites and opportunities for disrupting this process.
Working paper

Gender gaps in unpaid domestic and care work: putting the pandemic in (a Life Course) perspective

The aim of this paper is to put the COVID-19 pandemic in perspective by observing trends in gender inequality in unpaid domestic or care work over the short and long-term in Australia.

Never let a crisis go to waste: social policy opportunities from COVID-19

In this paper, the authors share a range of ideas relating to health, labour markets, the tax and transfer system, gender equality, education, housing, and criminal justice. The aim is to provide an optimistic, forward-looking counterpoint to what has undoubtedly been a catastrophic year.
Working paper

Mothers, fathers and the intergenerational transmission of gender role attitudes

Traditional gender beliefs play an important role in (re-)producing gender inequalities, and trends towards gender egalitarianism have stalled. As such, identifying factors that contribute to individuals upholding traditional versus egalitarian gender-role attitudes is an important scholarly endeavour.
Working paper

Transformative event, disruption or cumulative disadvantage? Labor market and education trajectories of young mothers in Australia

This paper investigates the effects of young parenthood on the following years of labour market and educational participation, using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey.