Chris Chan


Integrated whole-farm modelling: an application for policy analysis of climate change adaptation

This paper describes an integrated modelling approach suitable for analysing a wide range of policy, economic and environmental issues where spatial heterogeneity is important. The approach involves overlaying whole-farm models onto GIS map layers of land use, soil, climate and topographic information. The integration is...

A real-options analysis of wine grape farming in north west Victoria

This paper reports a use of a real-options valuation methodology to analyse wine grape farm investment under price and yield uncertainty. Revenue levels to incentivise entry and exit were calculated for three different sizes of wine grape farms in north west Victoria. The modelling identified...

Public infrastructure financing

This study explores the scope for efficient financing to reduce the life-time cost of an infrastructure project and the potential of financing vehicles to improve the investment decision. It reports on the experiences of a number of countries following different approaches to help provide an...