Andrew Selth


Myanmar’s latest coup: what is to be done?

The international community has never been able to agree on the best approach towards Myanmar, with policies ranging over the years from tough sanctions to uncritical engagement. This paper concedes that there are no quick or easy answers to the complex questions surrounding modern Myanmar.

The armed forces and the democratic transition in Myanmar

For decades, the armed forces have been the most powerful political institution in Myanmar. In 2008, this position was enshrined in a new constitution. Since 2011, the generals have been aiming for a controlled withdrawal from government, while retaining the Tatmadaw’s institutional independence and a...

Burma: pawn, pivot, pariah … and now partner

Over the past 25 years, Burma has been variously described as a pawn of China, an important strategic pivot in the region, and a pariah state allied with North Korea.

The United States and Burma: troubled past, uncertain future

For 20 years, the US pursued a policy towards Burma that was bound to fail.

Burma and North Korea: Smoke or fire

This paper examines the strategic challenges posed by Burma's increasing cooperation with North Korea, including recent claims of a secret nuclear weapons program.