Mick Dodson

Mob: Yawuru, Broome. Professor Mick Dodson is Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the Australian National University (ANU) and Professor of Law at the ANU College of Law. He was formerly Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam Harvard Chair in Australian Studies at Harvard University and the Director of the Indigenous Law Centre at the University of New South Wales. Professor Dodson has been a prominent advocate on land rights and other issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He was Australia’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and in 2009 he was awarded Australian of the Year.

Because of them, we must – Mick Dodson

Professor Mick Dodson is a Yawuru man from the southern Kimberley region of WA, Professor of Law at the Australian National University (ANU) College of Law, and the former Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies.

Intelligence Squared debate: true reconciliation requires a treaty

In this video, a panel debates the need for a treaty – and the way to achieve true reconciliation in Australia with Indigenous Australians.

Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians

This address examines what might be the recipe for a successful referendum on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Mick Dodson also discusses ways we might mix the ingredients of that recipe to both achieve the symbolic recognition in our Constitution, but...

Governance for sustainable development: strategic issues and principles for Indigenous Australian communities

This paper examines the concepts of 'governance', 'good governance' and 'sustainable development' in the context of Australian Indigenous communities and regions. It explores the hypothesis that there is vital link between governance and sustainable development.

Violence, dysfunction, Aboriginality

In this National Press Club address delivered 11 June 2003, Professor Mick Dodson discusses the different forms of violence afflicting Aboriginal communities. Dodson examines entrenched relationships of violence that exist between Aboriginal people, and against Aboriginal people, about domestic violence between partners, sexual violence against...