Jack Dearden


Alcohol and homicide in Australia

International research suggests alcohol consumption increases the number of homicides and that homicides involving alcohol differ significantly to non alcohol-related homicides. The current study sought to build on the limited Australian research on alcohol-related homicide by examining solved homicides recorded in the National Homicide Monitoring...

Australian crime: facts and figures 2008

This report covers different types of recorded crimes, their place of occurrence, victim details, responses of criminal justice agencies, and government resources directed to deal with crime.This compendium of the most recently available national information on crime in Australia is intended to serve as a...

Homicide in Australia: 2006-07 National Homicide Monitoring Program annual report

This report presents findings from and an overview of key characteristics of the 18th annual collection of homicide data (2006-07), the most comprehensive collection on homicide in Australia, including details on victims, offenders, and incident circumstances. Australia wide, 260 incidents of homicide occurred in the...