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Where have all the young offenders gone? Examining changes in offending between two NSW birth cohorts

New South Wales, like Australia overall, has experienced a large decline in crime since 2000, yet little is known about its causes. This study explored this decline through a developmental criminology lens by examining two birth cohorts involving all those born in New South Wales...

Homicide and the nighttime economy

The relationship between the consumption of alcohol and a range of violent crimes, including homicide, is overwhelmingly acknowledged by criminologists. Less is known about the specifics of this relationship—in particular, whether the worst alcohol related violence occurs in private, or in public settings such as...

Arson-associated homicide in Australia: a five year follow-up

Over the period 1989 to 2010, there were 123 incidents of arson-associated homicide, involving 170 unique victims and 131 offenders. Foreword Arson homicides are rare, representing only two percent of all homicides in Australia each year. In this study, data was collected from the AIC’s...

Homelessness and housing stress among police detainees: results from the DUMA program

This research reaffirms the need for intensive accommodation support services to complement criminal justice responses to crime and those who have contact with the criminal justice system. Foreword It is generally accepted that a person’s living situation, in particular their experience of homelessness and housing...

Policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments

Executive summary: This report presents the results of Australian Institute of Criminology research on issues and challenges of policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments. This report is a companion to the 2006 National Drug Law...