Stephen Tomsen

Journal article

What do we know about alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) use in Australia? Expanding local evidence

This paper replicates two previously used survey approaches to consolidate a national picture of alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) consumption in Australia.

Homicide and the nighttime economy

The relationship between the consumption of alcohol and a range of violent crimes, including homicide, is overwhelmingly acknowledged by criminologists. Less is known about the specifics of this relationship—in particular, whether the worst alcohol related violence occurs in private, or in public settings such as...

When the glitter settles: safety and hostility at and around gay and lesbian events

Large scale gay and lesbian events such as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are major international festivals with considerable tourist attendance. Good order and goodwill are emphasised as positive aspects of the events, but an internet survey of participants shows that there is...

On the bounce: the challenge of the night time economy

The night-time economy is a phenomenon that has begun to interest many social science researchers as a striking manifestation of the increasingly intricate and dynamic relationship between material, social and cultural economies. Edited by David Rowe and Nathaniel Bavinton, this collection of conference papers includes...