Amy Pennay

Journal article

What do we know about alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) use in Australia? Expanding local evidence

This paper replicates two previously used survey approaches to consolidate a national picture of alcohol mixed with energy drink (AmED) consumption in Australia.

Prohibiting public drinking in an urban area: determining the impacts on police, the community and marginalised groups

With public drinking laws proliferating across urban areas over the past 15 years, this project evaluated the implementation of these laws, their effectiveness, and their impact on a range of target groups including police, residents, traders, local health and welfare workers, and potentially marginalised groups...

Impacts of public drinking laws

This bulletin presents the results of a research project evaluating the impact of prohibitions on public drinking in three local government areas in New South Wales. Introduction Policies that restrict the spaces in which alcohol can be consumed are now widely implemented around the world...