Michael Livingston


Alcohol home delivery services: an investigation of use and risk

This study is an exploratory examination of online alcohol delivery services, based on a self-selected sample of people who use them. The data presented should not be interpreted as population prevalence estimates, but do provide important information on the ways in which these services are...

The relationship between alcohol outlets and harm

This research examines the relationship between alcohol outlets and social harm. The analysis uses a longitudinal panel data set for the period 2007-2014 covering all of New Zealand.

The association between State of Origin and assaults in two Australian states

Public health advocates are calling on the National Rugby League (NRL) to acknowledge and address a dangerous spike in domestic violence against women and children linked to the annual State of Origin series.

Alcohol consumption and liver, pancreatic, head and neck cancers in Australia: time-series analyses

This report provides the first suggestive evidence that there could be significant preventive effects on liver, head and neck cancer deaths from reducing population drinking levels, particularly among men and older age groups.
Policy report

Getting Australia's health on track 2016

Getting Australia's Health on Track 2016 is the subsequent policy report to the chronic disease report card Australia's Health Tracker 2016. Both were compiled by a national collaboration of Australia's leading chronic disease experts.