Rick Brown


The sexual exploitation of Australian children on dating apps and websites

This paper highlights the need for additional safety features to be embedded in mobile dating apps and dating websites to protect vulnerable users and to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

Financial investigation for routine policing in Australia

Financial investigation is commonly used in policing serious and organised crime. It is less frequently used in routine policing. This paper explores the potential for financial investigation to be used for a wider range of policing purposes.

Predicting prolific live streaming of child sexual abuse

Technologically-enabled crime has proliferated in recent years. One such crime type is the live streaming of child sexual abuse (CSA). This study employs a machine learning approach to better understand the characteristics of Australians who engaged with known facilitators of CSA live streaming in the...

Experiences of domestic violence among women with restrictive long-term health conditions

This report describes the domestic violence experiences of women with restrictive long-term health conditions during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, using survey data collected in May 2020 from over 8,000 Australian women who were in a current relationship.

The prevalence of domestic violence among women during the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper presents the results of an online survey of 15,000 women aged 18 years and over. Respondents were asked about their experience of domestic violence in the last three months, as well as their experience of prior domestic violence. The aim was to measure...