Terese Henning


Should Tasmania introduce notional estate laws?

The report recommends that Tasmania’s existing laws enabling family members to dispute an inheritance should not be changed to cover non-estate assets without national consistency. It recommends that ‘notional estate’ laws, which extend claims to a broader range of assets, including assets a person gifted...
Discussion paper

Review of the Judicial Review Act 2000 (Tas)

This paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws governing the review of administrative decisions, and seeks community input on this topic.

Facilitating equal access to justice: an intermediary/communication assistant scheme for Tasmania?

This report recommends significant changes to Tasmania’s criminal justice system, including using communication experts (intermediaries) to assist victims, witnesses and defendants who have communication needs to communicate with police, lawyers and the courts.
Journal article

Balancing fairness to victims, society and defendants in the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses: an impossible triangulation?

This article argues that direct cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses should be removed from Australian trials, to reduce any illegitimate advantage to the defendant.

Consolidation of arrest laws in Tasmania

This paper by Victor Stojcevski, Terese Henning and Jenny Rudolf considers the need for reforms to the law of arrest in Tasmania. It contains 17 proposals for reform that are aimed at imporoving the current framework for arrest in Tasmania. Arrest involves the involuntary deprivation...