Physical activity, sport and health in the City of Brimbank

Provides a summary of key indicators of participation in physical activity and sport, together with potentially related key demographic characteristics and indicators of health and education, for the City of Brimbank in Melbourne.
Journal article

Does sports club participation contribute to health-related quality of life?

This study examines 2345 women in rural Victoria to determine the effects of sports club participation on quality of life. The study then compares the efficacy of club participation to other forms of physical activity.

Men's sheds in Australia: learning through community contexts

Community-run men's sheds have recently developed and proliferated, mainly across parts of southern Australia and with higher proportions of older men not in work. This study examines their role as a place for older men to learn informally. It concludes that such sheds have important...

Adult learning through fire and emergency service organisations in small and remote Australian towns

Communication and other literacy skills are vital to public safety organisations. Christine Hayes, Barry Golding and Jack Harvey investigate the impact literacy levels may have on the ability of volunteers to meet demands for more formal training and assessment. They also consider the role of...