Janelle Allison

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A new direction for regional university campuses: catalyzing innovation in place

Ideas about the importance of knowledge and innovation in the global economy have implications for the changing role of universities but so too do ideas about the role of place-based knowledge in generating competitive advantage and innovation at the regional scale. As the concern to...

Building learning communities: partnerships, social capital and VET performance

This study by Janelle Allison, Scott Gorringe, Justine Lacey examines the nature of the impact of vocational education and training (VET), and its project-based activities and partnerships, on the development of sustainable communities in regional Australia. It finds that VET plays a critical role as...
Journal article

Beyond the agricultural paradigm in regional and rural Australia: building capacity to create a preferred future

Regional and rural Australia is undergoing significant change. Among the drivers for change are: (1) an emerging discourse on nature that challenges the agricultural centric view which has dominated regional and rural Australia; (2) transforming agricultural landscapes, which are increasingly multifunctional and complex; and (3)...