Peter Gahan


Leadership at work: do Australian leaders have what it takes

Fuelled by the resources boom, the Australian economy has enjoyed an unprecedented 25 years of economic growth, more than doubling in real terms over that period. But, now, the Australian economy is slowing. Productivity is sluggish, employment growth is weakening, and consumer confidence is faltering...

Question time: jobs of the future

Today’s jobs have changed far beyond yesteryear’s projections. And instead of planning for one career, we plan for three or four. In this rapidly changing landscape, how can our education institutions meet new demands? And in a world where old professions are disappearing, tertiary fees...

Fair Work Australia’s influence in the enterprise bargaining process

This report examines the influence of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) - formally Fair Work Australia - through its supervisory role in the enterprise bargaining process, and the consequences of FWC's involvement for the way that employers, employees and unions manage industrial relations at the...

The future of state industrial regulation: can we learn from Victoria?

In 1996 the Victorian government took the radical step of referring the bulk of its industrial powers to the Commonwealth. Despite the election of the Bracks Labor Government in 1999, the referral of powers has not been reversed, even though the Victorian Labor Party gained...