Marcia Langton

Mob: Yiman and BidjaraDr Marcia Langton AM is one of Australia's leading Aboriginal scholars. She holds the Foundation Chair in Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Medicine. 

The government is committed to an Indigenous voice. We should give it a chance to work

On the question of constitutional enshrinement, many are right to be upset that this government has ruled out putting the voice in the constitution. But this is the political reality of today.

The 2017 Dungala Kaiela Oration

The Dungala Kaiela ‘Defining Goulburn Murray’ Oration is an annual event co-hosted by the Kaiela Institute and the University of Melbourne. The Orations have rolling themes examining culture, climate change, economics and regional development, legal issues, health and society. The aim of the Oration is...

The cashless debit card trial is working and it is vital – here’s why

The federal government’s Cashless Debit Card Trial, which began in selected communities in South Australia and Western Australia from March 2016, is a significant innovation in tackling the health and socioeconomic disadvantages in communities with high rates of social security dependency for long periods of...