Louisa Jorm

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Maternal age and offspring developmental vulnerability at age five: a population-based cohort study of Australian children

In recent decades, there has been a shift to later childbearing in high-income countries. There is limited, large-scale evidence of the relationship between maternal age and child outcomes beyond the perinatal period. The objective of this study is to quantify a child’s risk of developmental...
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Routinely collected data as a strategic resource: priorities for methods and workforce

In the era of ‘big data’, research using routinely collected data offers greater potential than ever before to drive health system effectiveness and efficiency, and population health improvement. In Australia, the policy environment, and emerging frameworks and processes for data governance and access, increasingly support...
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Health, ageing and private health insurance: baseline results from the 45 and Up Study cohort

This study investigates the relationships between health and lifestyle factors, age and private health insurance (PHI) in a large Australian population-based cohort study of people aged 45 years and over ; the 45 and Up Study. Unlike previous Australian analyses of relationships between health, lifestyle...
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A multidimensional classification of public health activity in Australia

At present, we have very limited ability to compare public health activity across jurisdictions and countries, or even to ascertain differences in what is considered to be a public health activity.