Valeska Bloch

Conference paper

Regulating content in a digital world: How Australia is tackling the internet

Over the past 2 years, Australian politicians and shock jocks have been regularly outraged by the availability of online or interactive content that has been deemed harmful or inappropriate for Australian youth. The live streaming of late night antics on the Big Brother website, the...

Recommendations for online social networking

Social networking sites have become mainstream and concerns about the online safety of children have received increasing political and media coverage both within Australia and internationally. Three documents that have been recently released in the United Kingdom examine the use and misuse of social networking...

Focus: communications, media & technology

The past 18 months have seen incremental changes to the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Television) Act 2006 to facilitate the transition from Australia's single analogue television broadcasting service to a system requiring broadcasting in digital mode, and facilitate the associated services and new channels. This...