Vivienne Waller


Towards zero carbon - the compost project

This video introduces CRCLCL's projects looking at international cases that encouraging compost to minimise waste. Australian households have opportunities to utilise composting as a way to achieve sustainable environmental outcomes.

Composting as everyday alchemy – producing compost from food scraps in twenty-first century urban environments

As outlined in this chapter, the achievements of large, high density cities prove the success of managing the problem of food waste by involving residents in reforming their food scraps into the valuable product of compost. In addition to offsite composting, onsite composting would appear...
Journal article

Community learnings through residential composting in apartment buildings

Communities need to engage in initiatives that tackle environmental sustainability issues. However, the lessons communities learn from these initiatives may go far beyond the initial local project.

Municipal composting schemes: international case studies

This report contains summaries of international examples of kerbside collection of compostables in urban environments. It was prepared as part of the CRC for Low Carbon Living project: Carbon reductions from composting food waste for food production – fitting recycling models to urban form.
Discussion paper

Urban composting research symposium: discussion paper

The urban composting research symposium was held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Monday 27 August 2018 to showcase the research undertaken as part of the CRC for Low Carbon Living funded project, RP2019 “Enabling carbon reductions through composting food waste for use in growing...