Chris Connolly


Financial resilience in Australia 2015

This report defines resilience as a process that enables individuals to bounce back after adverse events and experiences, adapt to changing circumstances, and deal with environmental stress'. The report defines financial resilience as the ability to access and draw on internal capabilities and appropriate, acceptable...

Measuring financial exclusion in Australia

Financial exclusion exists where individuals lack access to appropriate and affordable financial services and products – the key services and products are a transaction account, general insurance and a moderate amount of credit. In May 2011 the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) published the country’s...

An overview of international cyber-security awareness raising and educational initiatives

This study examined a selection 68 Cyber-Security education initiatives in 11 jurisdictions and analysed the literature used to both support and evaluate these strategies. This project has consisted of two research components: Component 1 – Comparative analysis of international initiatives: The first component was a...