Peter Mann

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Group life insurance: background paper 28

An important feature of the modern life insurance market is that all products, except trauma or critical illness insurance, are sold both on an individual basis as well as a group basis. There are three sectors or sales channels for life insurance: through an advice...
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Life insurance: background paper 29

Life insurance is a type of insurance which provides cover for death, disability, a health condition, some illnesses and injuries.
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Catastrophes and natural disasters insurance: background paper 15

The function of insurance in our community is highlighted in Australian natural disasters. Insurance in natural disasters has been in sharp focus since at least 2010. The variety, frequency, severity of natural disasters and catastrophes in Australia create unique challenges for the community, policyowners and...
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General insurance: background paper 14

The aim of the paper is to give the reader a guide to the law, regulation and practices in general insurance in Australia. It is a large topic. The importance of regulation in the work of the Commission means that the part dealing with regulation...