Helen Nugent

Discussion paper

National Opera Review discussion paper

On 25 September 2015, the National Opera Review Discussion Paper was released by the National Opera Review Panel. The Discussion Paper considers the financial viability, artistic vibrancy and audience access of Australia’s four major opera companies — Opera Australia, Opera Queensland, State Opera of South...

Review of Australian Higher Education: final report

Australia is falling behind other countries in performance and investment in higher education. Developed and developing countries alike accept there are strong links between their productivity and the proportion of the population with high-level skills. These countries have concluded that they must invest not only...

Review of Australian higher education: discussion paper

The federal government's review of Australia’s higher education system will examine and report on the future direction of the higher education sector, its fitness for purpose in meeting the needs of the Australian community and economy and the options for ongoing reform. This paper has...

Securing the future: major performing arts - final report

The "Major Permorming Arts Inquiry" conducted by Helen Nugent (known as the Nugent report) reviewed 31 major performing arts organisations and arose out of a perceived crisis in the sector due to the adverse impacts of globalisation, technological change and demographic shifts on their viability...