Khalid Koser


A global compact on refugees: the role of Australia

This report argues that Australia has a vested interest and particular experience and expertise to contribute to the Global Compact on Refugees in order to institute a more effective and equitable response to asylum seekers and refugees.

Reforming the international protection regime: responsibilities, roles and policy options for Australia

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Nonresident Fellow in the Migration and Border Policy Project Dr Khalid Koser argues that the international protection regime is failing and Australia has a responsibility to help fix it. Koser defines how promoting reform, at the domestic, regional and global...

Australia and the 1951 Refugee Convention

Summary Australia’s signature on 22 January 1954 brought into force the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. It is now time for Australia again to take the lead, by pressing for a review of the 1951 Convention and the international protection system...

Environmental change and migration: implications for Australia

This paper argues that Australia needs a national policy framework on environmental migration, as climate change and natural disasters could displace potentially thousands of people in coming years.

Responding to boat arrivals in Australia: time for a reality check

Boat arrivals have been the focus for a flurry of policy-making in 2010. This paper asks why, and whether it has been worth it. It argues that Australia is not undergoing an asylum crisis of the sort that warrants such attention and policy reform. None...