Jennifer Martin

(Former name - Jennifer Cook)

Creating child-centred institutions

The royal commission has shown how institutions can rebuild their relationships with the children in their care.

Tender truths: the real costs of letting the private sector deliver public services

Public policy experts Prof John Alford and Assoc Prof Janine O’Flynn discuss the hidden costs and long-term effects of outsourcing important public services to for-profit firms in the private sector. Listen in full

I'm all ears: improving your organization through active listening

Human resources management expert Associate Professor Avraham Kluger explains what's wrong with conventional employee appraisal methods in the corporate world, and posits that truly listening to one's workers is good for business. Presented by Jennifer Cook.

For show only? The language of human rights in national constitutions

Sociologist Associate Professor Gili Drori explains how the vocabulary of human rights is making its way into the constitutions of nation states, and what this says about the societies that choose -- or choose not -- to include such rights in their national charters.