Natalie Jackson

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[The ebbing of the human tide] What will it mean?: Introduction and overview

Examines questions of structural population ageing and migration with a focus on subnational New Zealand.
Journal article

The mechanisms of subnational population growth and decline in New Zealand 1976-2013

Summarises key findings from a project that examined the mechanisms of subnational population change in New Zealand

The governance of Auckland: 5 years on

This report looks at the reasons for creating the unitary Auckland Council, and asks whether it has solved the problems of the old local government structure. The report notes mixed results, with one key goal being met while the other has not. Five years on...

Retirement intentions of Australia’s Baby Boomers. An occupational overview

A handful of studies on the retirement intentions of Australia's baby boomers have each come to a similar conclusion: most boomers are open to the idea of later retirement. But these intentions are by no means evenly distributed through the population, according to this study...
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As the Population Clock Winds Down: Indicative Effects of Population Ageing in Australia's States and Territories

Among the more profound features of population ageing is its regionality. This regionality is particularly marked in Australia, where the timing and speed of ageing are occurring at substantially different rates by state and territory. The shift to natural decline is expected to create many...