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Grant Duncan


Global check in: Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand

It's been two months since Jacinda Ardern was sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand. So, how is she faring, after her first one hundred days in office?
Journal article

Auckland council: is it too big to last?

Auckland is a city-region under intense political pressure. Migration and development are transforming streetscapes and communities. Local government has to plan and budget for significant investments in infrastructure as the city grows, and there is no strategy that pleases all sectors of residents at once...

Policy Quarterly special issue: local goverment

Editorial note: Local government in New Zealand exists within a fairly well-defined narrative. New Zealand is the most centralised nation within the OECD. Central government is by far the dominant partner in the central-local relationship and recent innovations in local government have tended towards further...

The governance of Auckland: 5 years on

This report looks at the reasons for creating the unitary Auckland Council, and asks whether it has solved the problems of the old local government structure. The report notes mixed results, with one key goal being met while the other has not. Five years on...