Jacqui Ewart

Journal article

Baseline knowledge of Islam and Muslims: a study of Australian government crisis communication officials

This study examined the level of knowledge Australian crisis communications officials had about Islam and Muslims. It identified that Media Liaison Officers (n=72) have low levels of knowledge about this religious faith, and that they were aware of their lack of understanding.
Journal article

Political communication and disasters: a four-country analysis of how politicians should talk before, during and after disasters

Politicians are increasingly involving themselves in the frontline delivery of information in the lead up to disasters and as they unfold. They are often placed as spokespeople and represent the public face of disaster, be it anthropogenic or natural.
Discussion paper

Crises, disasters and politics: walking the tightrope

This short discussion paper is based on collaborative and ongoing research into crisis and disaster management and its intersection with the role of politicians in communicating with various publics before, during and after crises and disasters.

Community media matters: an audience study of the Australian community broadcasting sector

This report presents the results of the first national qualitative research study into Australian community broadcasting audiences. It explores why a significant and increasing number of Australians listen to community radio and/or watch community television, what they value about it, and how it meets their...
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