Rebecca Haddock

Briefing paper

Data collection for community-based allied health chronic disease management

This paper argues that there is a lack of digital infrastructure to support the collection of allied health data. The authors suggest that development and implementation of nationally consistent clinical terminology for data entry, software interoperability standards for data exchange and sharing, and support for...
Briefing paper

Developmental Language Disorder: a disability, health and education challenge

This Evidence Brief examines the impact of Developmental Language Disorder in Australia across health, education and disability policy settings.
Briefing paper

Re-orienting funding from volume to value in public dental services

This briefing paper focusses on funding reforms for public dental health services that will be required to achieve value-based health care in Australia.
Briefing paper

Assessing the value of accreditation to health systems and organisations

This paper argues that evaluating the outcomes of revised processes will be necessary to safeguard the reliability of health service organisations' accreditation processes and make available the evidence of its value to the health system and organisations.
Briefing paper

The impact of the home care reforms on the older person, the aged care workforce and the wider health system

This briefing paper synthesises government and non-government policy and research documents that have examined the impact of recent home care reforms on older people and their carers, the aged care workforce and providers, and the wider health system. Recommendations are made to fill identified gaps...