Michael Horn


Decent sustainable work for all Australians in a global economy

The ACTU’s insecure work inquiry should be welcomed by all interested in our long term prosperity, writes Michael Horn, from the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Staying power

Discussing new ways of measuring entrenched disadvantage, these five essays consider some big problems faced by people excluded from mainstream society, and describe what is being done to meet these challenges. From the foreword by Chris Jones: In thinking about how fair or equitable our...

Social exclusion monitor bulletin

Until recently, the usual measure of disadvantage in Australia has been the level of income poverty. The Henderson poverty line has traditionally been the most widely used indicator, measuring the disposable income required to support the needs of a family comprising two adults and two...

The cost of a free education: cost as a barrier to Australian public education

Concerned about financial barriers to participation, the authors of this report canvassed the cost burden to parents of education in a government school. To achieve 90 per cent Year 12 attainment, they found, will require educational policy reform. The authors applied a social inclusion lens...

Putting children first: improving responses to family homelessness

Melbourne Citymission workers have expressed concern that they do not currently have the time or resources to provide the amount of intensive support required for families experiencing housing crisis. Many families have complex needs, which require a long-term commitment of support. This project has sought...