Phoebe Sleet


COVID-19 worsens food security in South-East Asia

This paper argues that pandemic-related lockdown measures and economic troubles have translated into poorer food and nutrition security in the South-East Asia region.

The state of Indonesian food security and nutrition

Despite impressive economic growth and poverty reduction, Indonesia’s food security still faces significant difficulties. To overcome these difficulties, policies that support rural development, improve agricultural incomes, lower food prices, increase nutritional diversity and encourage healthier eating patterns will be required.

Food and water security in Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s water resources are often contaminated and groundwater in cities is increasingly coming under pressure. There is little provision for the treatment and disposal of sewage and wastewater, which allows waste to leach into other water systems.

Weak governance and lack of investment hindering Australia’s fight against food waste

This paper argues that until the Australian government can provide better leadership and investment, it is unlikely that the country will make particularly strong progress towards reducing food loss and waste.

Food and water security in New Caledonia

This paper argues that as a relatively wealthy Pacific Island, New Caledonia can do more to make a greater part of its population food and water secure.