Fiona Armstrong

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Human health and wellbeing climate change adaptation plan for Queensland

This document outlines the process to develop the Human Health and Wellbeing Climate Adaptation Plan (H-CAP) and describes its scope. It provides an overview of existing policy, and outlines policy drivers and enablers, and case studies to inspire action.

National consultation regarding a national strategy on climate, health and well-being for Australia: final consultation report

This consultation report reveals deepening concerns about climate change within the health community and desire for federal leadership for urgent action.

Coal and health in the Hunter: lessons from one valley for the world

Once an unquestioned source of economic prosperity, the damage caused by coal to people’s health, natural capital and the global climate has led to closer scrutiny of its impacts. The evidence suggests coal is becoming an unwelcome social and economic burden, and a risk to...

Activists call for Hunter Valley coal mine ban

A group of health professionals and environmentalists are calling on NSW Premier Mike Baird to ban new coal mining in the Hunter Valley. The lobby group includes former Australians of the Year Professors Fiona Stanley and Tim Flannery, who say that the health and environmental...

Putting health in local hands

The authors of this paper propose the establishment of local Regional Health Organisations (RHOs) across Australia, with each responsible for the health care needs of a defined population within their region. Australia's unique geography and federated system of governance has, over time, led to a...