Lisa Kervin


One teacher's response to literacy learning and teaching using technology

The federal government’s pledge for increased access to computers for students has been held up as "groundbreaking reform" as "digital schools" become a reality for more students. However, access to technology remains uneven across schools, student competency levels differ and teacher expertise varies considerably. Incorporating...

Advertising in 'tween' magazines: exploring the considerations and opportunities

Many children in our classrooms have competence when interacting with visual and print based texts. While the familiarity may well exist, there is a need to examine children’s ability to sort through and make meaning from the myriad of messages, commercial and otherwise, which they...

'Authentic' learning experiences: What does this mean and where is the literacy learning?

Teachers are challenged to adopt practices that facilitate the development of “necessary” skills and strategies for learners. For many, however, what is required in policy and curricula is increasingly obscured and even confusing as teachers are bombarded with jargon prescribing seemingly similar (yet apparently different)...