James Carleton


Black Saturday fire victims receive record settlement

$500 million in compensation will be payed to the ten thousand people took part in a class action against the power company and State Government over the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria. Today a report calling for money and effort to be invested in...

Wealth inequality must be addressed at G20: Oxfam

Tony Abbott says he doesn't want the agenda cluttered by subjects that would detract from economic growth when the leaders of the world's richest 20 countries meet in Brisbane for the G20 in November. But Oxfam International argues that wealth inequality must be on the...

Labor review: ALP members speak out on the state of the party

For the last week, the Labor Party has been reflecting on a major review of the state of the party. The review finds Labor dying from the inside: its membership base collapsed and decision-making centralised like never before. But it also tentatively sets a path...