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Alex Wilkinson

Literature review

Trajectories: the interplay between mental health and housing pathways

This publication provides a short summary of the evidence and data sources on housing, homelessness and mental health in Australia. It forms part of a national study undertaken by Mind Australia and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI).

Housing, homelessness and mental health: towards systems change

This research progresses the priority areas identified by the National Mental Health Commission and provides evidence about the systemic issues and policy levers to provide housing and services for people with mental health issues.

Housing for people with disability: evidence review of post-occupancy evaluation instruments

This evidence review aims to inform development of a rigorous framework for the post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of dwellings for people with disability who require high levels of physical support, with a view to enabling providers to continually evaluate and improve the design and suitability of...