Wesley Morgan

Working paper

Building together: seven principles for engaging civil society to deliver resilient, inclusive and sustainable infrastructure in the Pacifc islands

This paper, based on extensive research and consultations, is intended to stimulate thinking about best standards for infrastructure investment in the Pacifc. It suggests that if lasting development outcomes are to be assured, civil society will need to play a greater role in the prioritisation...
Working paper

Winds of change: Pacific Islands and the shifting balance of power in the Pacific Ocean

As China becomes more powerful, it is challenging American regional military predominance in Asia, but also in the western Pacific and increasingly in the Indian Ocean. This paper is concerned with the implications of this shift in strategic thinking for Pacific island states.
Working paper

Back on the map: Pacific Islands in a new era of strategic competition

The past 12 months have seen a veritable frenzy of diplomatic activity in the Pacific Ocean.
Working paper

The rush for Oceania: critical perspectives on contemporary oceans governance and stewardship

The management, governance and control of the world’s oceans have become major policy and research agendas. Nowhere is this more the case than in the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest ocean.
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