Jane-Frances Kelly


Mapping Australia’s economy: cities as engines of prosperity

This report maps the Australian economy by the location of economic activity, defined as the dollar value of goods and services produced by workers within a particular area. Overview Eighty per cent of the value of all goods and services produced in Australia is generated...

Renovating housing policy

This report argues that government tax and welfare policies, by favouring homeowners and property investors over people who rent, are increasing the divide between Australians who own housing and those who do not. Overview Housing policy in Australia is overdue for a major renovation. Government...

Productive cities: opportunity in a changing economy

Most Australians live and work in cities. They are essential to generating growth and to creating and distributing opportunities. Cities are shaped by where people live, where they work, and how they get around. When these three things are in tune with the structure of...

Tomorrow's suburbs: building flexible neighbourhoods

This report recommends ways to make our new suburbs, shopping centres and homes more adaptable to change, without imposing undue costs on current residents. We can do many things now to ensure that our newest suburbs are flexible enough to thrive for decades to come.

Social cities

This report looks at ways to make cities better places to live by increasing our opportunities to connect with other people. It examines how the design and functioning of a city – from transport networks to the availability of parks and sporting grounds to the...