Matthew Allen

Discussion paper

New pathways across old terrain? SSGM research on resources, conflict and justice

Melanesia is characterised by complex interactions among land and natural resource uses, legal and political institutions, and interest groups. These interactions play out at the national level, where institutions have been profoundly shaped by an interplay of ‘local’ and ‘global’ orders and by the political...

Parliamentary Counsel Office legislative drafting assistance to Pacific nations evaluation report

This evaluation assessed the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the assistance provided by New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office to Pacific Islands’ officials responsible for drafting legislation.
Discussion paper

Schooling as a ‘stepping-stone to national consciousness’ in Solomon Islands: the last twenty years

The formal curricular and pedagogical elements of schooling in Solomon Islands have as yet largely failed to fulfil their potential as a ‘stepping-stone to national consciousness’. Abstract The paper is structured as follows. In the first section, we provide an analysis of the historical failure...
Conference paper

Conceptualizing the (non) users of the internet

Most studies about internet use examine how usage differs among users and why. Less attention has been paid to the varied degrees of non-use or low levels of use. Non-adopters of digital media are usually understood as not having access to digital media. However, there...